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Cleanternet is a campaign to support European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström
in her plans to introduce a website blocking system in Europe.
All European countries must be forced to fight for a cleaner and safer Internet.
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Cleanternet is a political satirical Video that explains why installing a filter system to block child pornography documentations of child abuse is a very bad idea and will even help criminals and paedophiles while it penalizes victims at the same time. If you want further information, check some of the links here in the "Links" section.

The Video is based on "RetteDeineFreiheit", which I made half a year ago when we had the very same debate in germany. And just like "RetteDeineFreiheit" or "DuBistTerrorist" it's a non-profit campaign which I create in my freetime, that's why I am very happy if people donate and support me. These Projects are a lot of hard work and professional speakers don't work for free.

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If you want to contact me via email: wgfeweg


mogis - a voice for victims

comment in the

Pointless Action on Child Pornography

The IFPI thinks
"child pornography is great,"

Comment by Christian Engström Member of the European Parliament

European Cybercriminals Society

Great Website with an open Letter to Cecilia Malmström



So far the video is available on YouTube and Vimeo. Downloadlinks will follow soon.


Thanks to all the people who provided me with subtitles the video is available in many languages. If you want to translate the subtitles into your language, feel free to download and edit them. You can send me the finished translation. Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, English, Dutch, Swedish, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovakian, Polish


concept / idea / director: Alexander Lehmann
voice: Dulcie Smart
music: Keine Kennen Keine
translation: Roger Evans
soundstudio: Sparberg
Czech Martin Doucha
Dutch David Mulder
Bulgarian Alexander Shopov
Slovakian Juraj Jergus
Polish Tomasz Chabinka
All other languages kindhearted internet community